Mayu Amano with DJ Lawson – 11.02.24

Shibuya Oiran
Hosted by :
Mayu Amano
with :
DJ Lawson

Sunday Monthly Show hosted by Mayu Amano, joined by DJ Lawson.
Drifting in the sound of ambient jazz, new-age, fourth-world and more.

"Step into a lucid dream, a state between the waking world and the unknown. Take the hand that’s reaching out to you and embark on a quest that knows no bounds. Every performance is a story told together, a wordless communication among those gathered. An opportunity to seek out treasures, hidden within the depths of a landscape that stretches deep within ourselves."
DJ Lawson has been playing with music his entire life, and discovered mixing in his early 20s as a way to paint with the musical colours collecting on his palette. A way to communicate, express, and bring people together through sound and movement. He is also the co-founder of ishinoko, a music, food and arts festival that has been growing in Ishikawa prefecture, and spreading its seeds across Japan and beyond.

Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu, Marta Sofia Honer -Breathing In Three Orbits

Anenon - Champeix

Jasmine Myra - Words Left Unspoken

Kytäjä - Vedenalaiset valot (Underwater Lights)

Polygonia, Popp - Honsu

Black Flower - Ray

Cut The Sky (Roth-Zimpel-Zemler) - Podzielone Królestwo (Londyn)

Błoto - Szlam

TRAINING & John - Anthill Closeup (Schillerpark, Berlin)

Jan Van de Engel - Weaving a River

Orlan - Maarten & Tobias

Nadah El Shazly - Breakup By The Sea

Nite Bjuti - Mood (Liberation Walk)

Nausia - Opus

Surya Botofasina - Surya Meditation

Tristan Arp - A Clearing (In Empty Space)

Andréa Daltro - Kiuá

The Zenmenn & John Moods - Into The Heart Of The Matter

Brian Bennett - Ocean Glide

Piero Piccioni - Mexican Dream

Björk - Her Mother’s House

Bochum Welt - La Nuit (mixed)

Bochum Welt - At Dawn

Gabriella Robin - Take A Little Hand

Ceephax Acid Crew - Glocker

Malibu - Camargue

Taeko Ohnuki - Sargasso Sea

Julee Cruise - The World Spins

Keiichi Okabe, Kakeru Ishihama, Keigo Hoashi, Takafumi Nishimura - This Dream (NieR Gestalt / Replicant)

David Wise - Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country)

Anthony Naples - Strobe

Donato Dozzy - Magda